What is Journey to Bethlehem?

Journey to Bethlehem is an outdoor, walk-through drama portraying the birth of Christ.  In 2016, nearly 6,000, guests followed the winding trail, led by experienced guides, through a series of live action scenes, tracing the journey Mary and Joseph took centuries ago. 

 Your travels will lead you through the village of Nazareth, into the camp of the Magi, past the Roman census and open-air markets of Judea, ultimately ending at the simple manger where Christmas began and hope was born.

 For the last fifteen years, Current – A Christian Church has been presenting this event to the Katy community.  Each year the event grows.  With live animals and more than 200 actors in costume, Journey to Bethlehem is an annual tradition for many, and serves to remind everyone who participates, of the true meaning and impact of Christmas.

What should I expect?

Expect a fun and inspiring evening designed to help you experience what life might have been like the night of the first Christmas, when Christ was born.

 Expect to wait.

The response to Journey To Bethlehem grows each year.  Often, there are lines outside the building.  Guests will proceed through the church lobby and be seated in our auditorium until it is time for their journey to begin. 

We make every effort to ensure your experience is worth the wait.    

Is ticketing different this year?

Yes! EVERYONE NEEDS A TICKET. There are several different options for admission to the event.

*All tickets can be purchased online or onsite. You will save time by purchasing tickets in advance, online. Tickets go on sale November 1, 2016.

*Thursday December 7th is PREMIER NIGHT - FREE to the public

*Friday through Sunday, December 8th, 9th and 10th:

General Admission - $6.00 per person

(children 5 & under are free)

Bethlehem Express Pass* - $12.00 per person

(Infants 1 & under are free)

*Bethlehem Express Pass tickets allow you to bypass a significant amount of wait time, but do not eliminate wait time completely. The time you register for is not an exact time. Our experience has been that express pass will save you approximately 30 minutes to one hour.

*Bethlehem Express Pass Tickets are good only for the date and time you select (printed on the ticket). If you are unable to arrive at the date/time of your ticket, the express pass becomes a general admission ticket. It can be used anytime thereafter, but is no longer an express pass ticket. The difference in cost will not be refunded.

May I get a refund if I am unable to attend?

If we officially cancel a performance due to severe weather or unsafe conditions, we will be happy to refund your ticket price. Otherwise, there are no refunds on ticket prices. If you are unable to use your ticket, you may consider giving or selling your ticket to someone else.

Do children need tickets?

Yes, children need tickets.

Children 5 and under are free and will be issued a free General Admission ticket.

Thursday, December 7th, is premier night, and free to everyone. You will still have to obtain a ticket online or onsite, but there will be no cost for the ticket.

When should I arrive?

Often, lines begin to form an hour or so before the announced start time.

Bethlehem Express Pass tickets are issued for a specific date and time. You should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow for parking, etc.

Here's a tip: If you purchase a general admission ticket, consider attending later in the evening. It is our experience that wait times are much less during the final 30 minutes of each night's production.

What should I wear?

Most of your journey will take place outdoors.  Check the local weather forecast before you arrive, and dress accordingly. The trail can be uneven so wear comfortable/appropriate shoes.

What do I do if my group arrives late?

If you do not purchase tickets in advance, you can purchase tickets on site when you arrive. However, you cannot get in line to enter the building until your entire party is present. You will be unable to save places in line for party members who are not present. 

Should I bring the kids?

Yes! Bring your children. Journey to Bethlehem is designed with all ages in mind. Your children will receive special "Journey papers" created just for them.

Is the Journey handicap accessible?

Our guests with special needs or physical handicaps are welcome to ride our golf cart shuttle through the journey. Sometimes this may require a longer wait.

Where do I park

Parking is free and onsite at the church. We do ask that large groups carpool as much as possible, because we are expecting large crowds and parking is limited.

How far will I have to walk?

The entire trail is approximately a half mile and takes about 35-40 minutes to walk. The trail is half wood mulch and half concrete.

Will the event be cancelled for rain?

Typically, we do not cancel for inclement weather. Journey to Bethlehem continues in cold, wind and light rain conditions. If the weather is severe and the performance is cancelled, we will make an announcement via this website.

May I make a donation?

You may make a donation, but it is not expected. Your ticket price goes toward the expense of the event. Any funds raised over the cost of the event are applied to next year's Journey to Bethlehem.

Are restrooms available on the trail?

No, there are no restrooms on the trail. However, there will be portable restrooms outside that can be used while waiting to enter or at the end of the journey. There are also restrooms in the church, but they are only accessible to those in the lobby and auditorium areas.

What is not allowed on the Journey?

Please, no flash photography or talking on cell phones while on the trail. These are distracting to our actors and animals, and can negatively impact the experience of those around you.

No smoking is allowed on the trail.